Stuart Muir - Principal Consultant

Prusik Innovations Network

The Prusik Innovations Network is a consortium of independent business experts to assist with client needs.  Services such as graphic design, social media, financial analysis and retail merchandising are available from vetted professionals who can be quickly engaged for your projects.  Our team is committed to creating your happiness.
Why happiness?  Because when happiness is your purpose, great results happen for you, your employees, your customers and our team!

Stuart Muir is our principal consultant and account manager. He has experience as a business consultant and project manager working with small start up companies as well as large private companies and public organizations. Stuart used his business expertise to develop and implement project and product management methodologies and build the business plan to secure investor funding for a rapidly growing start up. He has over 20 years of success coaching executives in organizations of various sizes. His years of marketing and finance experience combined with project management discipline help ensure client engagements progress efficiently from inquiry through conceptualization and design to implementation and support.  

Your Business is
Big Business

Our Mission

Prusik Innovations is a boutique business consulting firm with a focus on providing valuable, innovative and
results driven solutions. Our mission is to help business owners address their time management, leadership and
client relationship challenges so they can continue to grow and evolve their enterprises. Through strategic
planning, process evaluations and marketing strategies Prusik Innovations is able to provide a fresh and profitable perspective, in-depth analysis and tools so business owners can achieve their goals and return on investment.