Welcome to the Change Page

We have partnered with a consultant who can help you manage change in your growing business. The Change Page will have videos, articles and tools you can use in the everyday leadership of your business.

Gina Vliet

Gina is a change management specialist with a passion for equipping individuals to do and to be their best.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Alberta and has over two decades of leadership and management experience. She is known for building high functioning, self-governing teams that are resilient and adaptable to change.

In her career, Gina has held leadership roles in organizational effectiveness, project, change, information, and contract management, and in customer service. Gina has been facilitating in various capacities since 1999, and she has developed courses in software and process implementation, recruitment, interviewing, and onboarding, and a host of other human resources areas. Her students love her practical and creative approach to learning, as she continuously explores innovative ways to apply positivity to the world around her. 

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