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Quotes From Our Clients

"Just when we thought our consultant was indispensable, he gave us the ultimate gift... the wisdom required to move forward without him." - Tania Dean, Vice President of KBT Systems

"Stuart is very professional and has a passion for small businesses. He is willing to listen to tap into unsaid issues from each client. His years of experience and knowledge position him to be a change catalyst." - Kirsha Campbell, CPA, CMA - Owner of The Boutique Accounting

"His coaching is very interactive and directional i.e. leading to a path to success. He makes you into a focused leader analyzing and deploying the changes you can bring in your business. He is very flexible and comes down to the knowledge level of the person he is coaching. ... he makes you accountable for your business. He is a glimmer of positive thinking in drastic circumstances and helps in turning any situation into a win win situation for you and your client hence getting money in your till." - Daisy Khan UPS Store Owner

"Stu has been a fantastic resource to sharpen my focus on "Who are my ideal clients?" And "What are my top 3 priorities?"  I'm now able to evaluate my actions with much more clarity.” -  Valerie, LifeVantage Distributor

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