Don’t Blame The Pandemic

Your Marketing and Sales Process Was Already Broken

So your proposal failed.  Your cold call success rate is tanking. You did not make the sale.  Well don’t blame the pandemic.  There were likely changes underway with your prospects and industry that went unnoticed before COVID 19 struck.  The pandemic has exposed and amplified weak and broken practices in senior care, personal hygiene, social behaviour and business that were already there.

Here are 6 possible reasons why your sales are down.  The good news is that it is within your control to address each one and create a new normal for your business and customers ahead of your competition.

  1. You started in the wrong place
  2. Too much you … Not enough them
  3. You did not start with the problem
  4. You presented the the expense rather than the investment
  5. You bored your prospects with facts and clouded your call to action
  6. You and your processes made it hard to say “Yes”.

Each business is in a different state, so it is best to contact us for a free diagnostic conversation to determine the best leverage point for your sales and profitability. Here’s to creating your successful New Normal together.

Check the Prusik Innovations Vlog for other reasons many business are struggling to close sales and achieve results.