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      Our Journey

      Since 2002, Prusik Innovations has been helping businesses of all sizes succeed. We realize that working on a smaller scale suits our personality so that's where we put our energy. We enjoy helping new or smaller companies grow.  It's like being in on the ground floor of something special, time and time again. For us, nothing is more fulfilling!

      Our Mission - Growing the Alberta economy one entrepreneur at a time!

      We are a small, agile business consulting firm with a focus on providing valuable, innovative and results driven solutions.  Our mission is to help you address your management, leadership and client relationship challenges and opportunities so you can continue to grow and evolve your business.

      Prusik Innovations provides:

      • a fresh and profitable perspective,
      • in-depth engagement and
      • innovative tools sized to your business

      so you can achieve your goals and return on investment. 

      We are approachable, affordable and effective partners for your business.

      Your Challenges

      Our Expertise

      Packages and Bundles


      "Money in your till."

      Daisy Khan - UPS Store Owner

      "The Ultimate gift."

      - Tania Dean Vice President, KBT Systems


      A Frickin' Delightful Conversation

      Our conversation with an Alberta entrepreneur about the risks and rewards of taking the leap from employee to starting and running her own business

      Three C's and Values

      The second part of our conversation with Mandy of Frickin' Delights was about how she uses clarity commitment and consistency of her core values to sustain and grow her business.

      Innovation Matters Vlog

      Business Jeopardy

      Why small businesses fail and how you can succeed.

      The Happiness Survey

      The results and implications of two happiness surveys for Alberta entrepreneurs.

      Innovation Matters Blog

      How do you persuade?

      How are you using facts to persuade? How important are relationships and shared stories to you? Why are these two questions important?, James Clear recently wrote an article Why…

      What are you listening to?

      We have counselled our clients that multitasking is usually not the solution to being more productive.  There are exceptions though.  One exception is when we can use one of our…

      Itsy Bitsy Spider

      What can Itsy Bitsy Spider teach us about engaging our ideal clients? One of my 3-year-old grandson's favourite songs is "Itsy Bitsy Spider".  It is a short, one verse ditty …

      Time to Shed 2020

      How are you in shedding 2020  and getting ready for 2021?  Hopefully the holiday season has been a chance to reflect on what we have learned in 2020, celebrate our…

      Don't Blame The Pandemic

      So your proposal failed.  Your cold call success rate is tanking. You did not make the sale.  Well don't blame the pandemic.  There were likely changes underway with your…

      Purpose And Re-Purpose

      It has been a busy month of helping clients adapt, survive and thrive.  Times like the current pandemic and free fall oil prices are an opportunity to revisit our core values and…

      Innovation Matters Delivered Monthly

      Our purpose is to explore topics each month that matter to small business and to introduce ideas and best practices you can profitably use in your business.  If you would like the convenience of Innovation Matters delivered to your inbox, please provide your name and email address and we will add you to our subscriber list.

      Resources for Entrepreneurs

      Tools and Templates

      We have developed a portfolio of effective tools and templates for your business.  Here are some free examples.  Unlock access to more by booking a free consultation.

      Useful Links

      Here are some sources of  free  information for Alberta entrepreneurs.  Just click on the image for our most current list.   

      Our Team

      We are small and agile like a lot of our clients.

      Stuart Muir - Principal Consultant

      Stuart Muir is our principal consultant and account manager. He has experience as a business consultant and project manager working with small start up companies as well as large private companies and public organizations. Stuart has over 20 years of success coaching executives in organizations of various sizes. His years of marketing and finance experience combined with project management discipline help ensure client engagements progress efficiently from inquiry through conceptualization and design to implementation and support

      Prusik Innovations Network

      The Prusik Innovations Network is a consortium of independent business experts created to assist with specific client needs.  Services such as graphic design, social media, financial analysis and retail merchandising are available from vetted professionals who can be quickly engaged for your projects.  Our team is committed to creating your happiness. 

      Why happiness?  Because when happiness is your purpose, great results happen for you, your employees, your customers and our team!

      Tools and Templates for Your Business

      Persona Worksheet

      Contact us for guidance on how to create and use personas

      People don't buy products or services, they buy outcomes.

      Use this Before and After Grid to hone your Value Proposition

      Strategy Map Template

      Your Business Strategy on one page (PDF version),  Contact us for an editable Excel template and advice.

      Sales Discovery Visit Checklist

      You get one chance to make a great first impression and move your prospect to the next step.

      No More Excuses!

      Use this template to deal with excuses getting in the way of achieving your big goal.

      Affordable Packages and Bundles

      As small business owners, you may feel constrained by time and money. You have some great ideas for growing and improving your business and wonder where you can find affordable help to take your business to a the next level.  We understand that and share your passion.  That is why we offer affordable solutions and support to help you define and reach your business and personal goals.

      Your Strategy on One Page

      Perhaps you need a business plan to get bank or investor financing.  Or you may want to be able to create a winning strategy that can be displayed in one powerful picture to your team.

      When was the last time you updated your business plan?
      Contact us for a free assessment.

      Sales Effectiveness

      How healthy is your sales to leads ratio?

      We have two ways of improving your sales results.

      1. Our Secrets of Sales Success Program where you will learn with your peers the conversations and activities that will  lead to greater sales success.

      2. Customized one to one sales coaching

      Client and Employee Surveys

      Let us help you engage your clients and employees with customized surveys and engagement programs.

      Do you know which clients are the most profitable? How many are advocates, passive buyers or critics who can damage your brand?

      On Demand Coaching

      This is our most flexible service.  You determine what and how much assistance you need. 

      Our coaching helps you attain greater clarity, commitment and consistency in working on your business while benefiting from our years of business expertise.  At the end of the day, it is about "putting money in my till." (Our UPS store client)


      Got a question? Comment? A business challenge?  Give us a call (seven eight zero -995-4788) - We love a good conversation. We listen for possibilities and ways to achieve them for your business.  Initial consultations are free.

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