Your Next Sales Visit – Or Is It?

Here we are in the fourth wave of COVID-19. While our healthcare workers and systems are under stress, families are uncertain about the safety of their preteen children and business clients are uncertain about future restrictions and cash flow you still need to create sales and support your family. Here in Alberta we were “Open For Summer” and now seem to be hunkering down in an environment of uncertainty and division.

You have likely read and followed some of the business advice from experts such as McKinsey, Forrester and HBR when we entered the first wave. Sales strategy was divided neatly into three phases “1) navigating the current crisis with resolve and resilience, 2) planning for the recovery, and 3) reimagining the next normal.” (McKinsey) Now in the 4th wave, we see the situation as more complex. The fourth wave is our “next normal”. While you have invested in leveraging technology for prospect and client interactions, there is a built up desire and opportunity for hybrid sales conversations which may include safe physical visits.

Here is the good news. The basic principles of successful sales visits are still relevant. While the above experts focus mostly on large organizations, we help solopreneurs and small business owners with tools, training and approaches that are scaled to their reality and budget. One of our free resources will help you prepare for your next prospect site visit. You can download our Sales Discovery Checklist in the Resources For YouTools and Templates page of We can also create a custom checklist for your specific business, clients and sales objectives. You can also contact us to enrol in our Secrets Of Sales Success training program or receive specific sales advice.

Let’s get out there to sustain and grow the Alberta economy one sale at a time!