It’s All About Fit –

3 Steps to ensure a great hire

Have you ever hired someone and 3 to 6 months later, you can’t figure out why they’re not working out? There are a few possible reasons this happens. The root of the problem often happens before the hiring process begins.

One common error entrepreneurs make in hiring is to not completely think through and articulate your new team member’s duties and the “why” that helps them understand the purpose and relative priority of those duties. It is also possible the fit with the existing team has not been considered. The solution? Here are three powerful steps to employ prior to your search to assure a great hire:

1. First create a detailed, succinct, written job description before you ever hire someone for a position. The best job descriptions are constructed based on Key Results Areas (KRAs). A Key Result Area clearly defines in detail what the team member needs to do to be successful at their job. There are seldom more than five to seven key result areas in any job or in any business. A key result area has three qualities:

a. It is clear, specific, and measurable? You and your team member can determine exactly if the result has been achieved, and how well.

b. It is something that is completely in the control of your team member to accomplish? If they do not do it, it will not be done by someone else. If they do it, and do it well, it can contribute significant value to your business and to their career.

c. It is an essential activity of the business? A key result is an important output that then becomes an input to another key result area, or to another team member. If this seems daunting, we can coach you through the process.

2. Second, be very clear in your search, job posting, and interview process the passion, values, vision and special sauce of your business. What makes your business uniquely fun, fulfilling, and exciting to be part of? What is your special commitment and delivery that your clients love? If you cannot articulate your company’s passion, core values and mission, hiring more team members will not help. Referrals from employees and customers who get your values and value proposition are the best source of candidates.

3. Lastly, before you begin the hiring process, invest in personality testing tools. There are a few relatively inexpensive tools that you can apply to yourself and existing team before integrating with your hiring process. DISC, Myers-Brigs, Myers-Brigs, True Colors are three examples. Explore the links and then decide which will be best for your team. It can make a great team building experience and provide you with insights in how to best communicate with your current team members. In general, diverse teams that share the same vision and values are the highest performing teams. Your business needs a balance of connectors. thinkers, planners and movers to produce the results you need. Most people are some combination of these personalities. A fruit salad of just apples would be boring and not an attractive combination.

We would be glad to guide you through your next successful hire.