Leveraging 2019

Time to Work on You!

One of the best actions we took in redesigning and relaunching Prusik Innovations to grow the Alberta economy one entrepreneur at a time was joining and committing to the most successful referral marketing organization in the world; BNI. Not only is BNI a significant ingredient in the acquisition and growth of great clients and collaborators, it comes with a source of life long learning for entrepreneurs.

Core to our success with our clients has been adapting the years of expertise gained helping large organizations and right sizing it for local entrepreneurs.  Heck, we have even created original content.  Sometimes we discover content that requires little or no change. The following list of questions was originally published in 2019 by the founder of BNI, Dr. Ivan Misner. All we did was change the year in this copyrighted post.  

We coach our clients about the transition to working ON their business from working IN their business (thanks E Myth and Michael Gerber).  What we often neglect is working on ourselves.  You don’t need to answer all the questions in Leveraging 2019.  The more you do, the better start you will have to a successful 2020 for your business, your family and community.  Remembering 2019 using this structure can provide learning and energy for 2020. Answering the “Creating 2020” questions may help you chart your course for 2020. What questions would you add? We would love to read your input.

While this can provide a great frame for your 2020 plans, if you stop there you and your business will not benefit.  You need to get in action and work on the tough stuff.  Perhaps you need an accountability partner.  That is the second “C” we provide our clients (Clarity, Commitment, Consistency).

Whether you want to work on your business or your entrepreneur abilities. Contact us for a free chat.